Commissioning a Portrait or a work of art is simple

Answer the following questions in your email and we will reply with a quote within one business day.

1 What medium would you like? (Oil, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Pastel, Graphite etc)

2 What is the size of the artwork you wish to order? Is it a stock size or is it custom? (5x5inches to 10x10 are all welcome, we don't discriminate)

3 What finish would you like on the surface of the artwork? (Epoxy, Varnish, Matt etc)

4 How many individuals would be depicted or what would be the subject matter?

5 If it would be a portrait, would you like: head and shoulders, bust, half size, full size?

6 If it would be a portrait or figure, what would be the pose? Provide a reference image or describe the pose.

7 Would you be sitting in for a photo shoot and sketches or would you provide images?

8 Send the email and allow a few hours for response.

Our commission services range from $350 to $10,000. The specific price of your work will be determined upon the assessment of the specifications that you provided.

Commission down payment is 50% of the total price and is final and non-refundable payment. The remaining 50% are to be payed upon the satisfactory completion and pick up of the work.

Would you like a quote for your order?